Law Offices of LaJuan E. Wood
2636 Fulton Avenue, Suite 150B
Sacramento, CA 95821
Tel: 888-430-3032

Practice Areas                                        ***Now offering sliding scale fees***

*     Bankruptcy                                                Call for a free consultation                         
*     Social Security Disability
*     Debt Settlement                           
*     Civil Litigation Defense                         
*     Tax Law and Return Preparation
*     Wills and Trusts     

We are a client-centered law firm committed to helping individuals find relief to financial difficulties through bankruptcy, debt settlement, civil litigation defense, Social Security Disability representation, and Tax. We also help protect your assets with Wills and Trusts. We work diligently to meet your needs.  Our goal is to treat each client how we want to be treated.  

We offer reasonable bankruptcy fees starting at $1000 and flexible payment options to suit your needs. Our sliding scale fees are based on your income and household size.  Additionally, we offer harship fees of $750 for those living on a fixed income (ex. Social Security, Disability, Retirement, etc.) 

Fees for other services range from $250 and up depending on the service.  We are always flexible and willing to work with you and your budget.

Initial consultations free.



Esha N. August 6, 2014


Jeff H. March 26, 2014


"La Juan was professional, available when I needed to speak to her, and gave me a great price for the bankruptcy action."

Alexandria W. March 25, 2014


"Thank you so much! LaJuan was a great attorney, very helpful, and understanding of my financial issues. I would definetly reccomend using her! Thank you again! "

Thomas T. December 23, 2013


LaJuan, was great to work with. She quickly answered all of the myraid questions I had during this stressful process. My BK was discharged and everything went off without a hitch. She's great and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to my friends should they ever need her services

Hope E. November 25, 2013


"LaJuan and her staff were both professional and understanding of my needs. She made sure to stay in constant contact with me and kept me informed each step of the way. I have already recommended family and friends to her, and will continue to."

Jennifer J. September 12, 2012


I was referred to La Juan Wood's practice and it made all the difference in the world. I was being sued and needed help fast. Ms Wood's was professional and explained the process to set me at ease. She did everything she promised and the outcome was in my favor. Her price was very reasonable and I was more than happy to pay it to have this issue go away. I highly recommend La Juan Woods for your legal needs!!!

Martha H. September 11, 2012


The Law Office of LaJuan E. Wood was the best thing that could happen to me when I was dealing with a stressful situation (Bankruptcy). They were compassionate, and understanding to my needs. In addition, anytime I had questions they were quick to answer with knowledge and, in a nonjudgmental matter. I will highly recommend anyone who is going through a hard situation such as Bankruptcy to go to the offices of LaJuan E. Wood.

Irene Aug 27, 2012


The experience that I had with Attorney Wood was a bankruptcy. The services that were rendered were exceptional and thorough. Going through a bankruptcy was not easy, and I was very frightened doing something that I had never done before. Attorney Wood made the process smooth, and her professionalism really put my mind at ease, alleviating the stressful situation. The length of the entire process was much faster than I ever imagined. I met with her in March, and we were at the federal court house in June. I was impressed!! Attorney Wood is very kind and took the time to answer all of my many questions without hesitation. There is nothing I can say that could improve her service. Attorney Wood is an expert on bankruptcy, and was there for me. She earned my respect during the entire process. I would recommend her to anyone going through a financial crises. Her price is very fair especially for the work and preciseness of a bankruptcy situation. I was very pleased and happy with her work and I wish her all the best in her career. Thanks again and again because I am less stressed, I can sleep at night, and I am finally debt free all because of the wisdom and guidance of Attorney Wood!!

Elza Jan 10, 2012


If you prefer an attorney who will guide you through your Chapter 7 (or Chapter 13) bankrupty with the utmost respect, honesty, professionalism, and courtesy, I would highly recommend the Law Offices of LaJuan E. Wood. Ms. Wood enthusiastically accepted my case when other "well-known" Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys wouldn't. Ms. Wood provided exceptional guidance and assistance throughout my (sometimes) stressful bankruptcy process. Ms. Wood was always positive and assured me that "everything was going to be okay." She consistently returned my phone calls and answered all my questions (and believe me, I had alot of them). My Chapter 7 bankrupty was sucessfully discharged in December 2011. My heart-felt thanks go to Ms. Wood. She definitely changed my opinion about attorneys. So...if you're in need of an attorney, look no further and don't call anyone else in Sacramento...except the Law Offices of LaJuan E. Wood.

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